Large Excel Spreadsheets causing problems


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6 Jan 2004
Well one in particular that gets used a lot in fact, the whole computer has been replaced and still the problem exists so the only conclusion is that the actual file is corrupt some how, the crash/error report relates to ntdll.dll. The weird thing is that if other PC's access this file it is fine???

It appears to be when the file is used a lot, the other PC's that use this file don't spend much time on it but this particular PC does and most of the data that is added/removed/amended is done on this PC, it was fine for 4 days after the new PC was installed so it is as if this error or corruption is filing up something then crashing, I can almost guarantee that if I wiped the PC and reloaded the user/PC would fine for another 3-4 days and the same would happen again.

This is a really complicated collection of worksheets, is there any way to check for faults or any way of getting to bottom of what is going on, it's driving me mad!
Is this on Excel 2007 or earlier versions?

Since you've mentioned large spreadsheet, earlier versions do have their limitations on how much data can be used/stored on a single work book.
Hi, yes on Office XP, when I say large they are not rediculas but just large to what I'm used to, in MB terms it is only 400k in about 8-10 worksheets.
do you have all the sp's for it and all the updates? could be the av tool is scanning it for viruses
The total file size is 400K? I routinely work with spreadhseet files that are in the 15MB or higher range using Excel 2003 and Excel XP. That is not large.

Just as a WAG I'd look at free memory, pagefile turned on and how much other crap is running in background. The machine should have 2 MB ram at least.

"New PC"
Was the same HD used? if yes get rid of it and get a new one.
Is it always the same user running the spreadsheet who has problems or is it multiple users when logged on that PC?

Look for programs with memory leaks running on that PC. Something ssomeone installed without permission, etc. Also make sure that the PC has not been infected and is shielded from attack over the LAN. If someone has hijacked it they may be using up resources and crashing the "big spreqad sheet".

Have the users log what they are doing when it crashes. There may be a bug in the spreadsheet causing the crash. If you have a record you may be able to isolate any bad entries.
Hi, thanks for the reply's, the PC is brand new, nothing of the old machine used.

Only one user on that machine and they are not running through a server just simple file sharing, there is nothing on the PC apart from AVG and Office, all fully updated, makes no difference weather on XPSP2 or SP3, the PC has 1GB of RAM and only ever tops out at around 400-500MB, Pagefile is system managed and set to 1523MB, it was a completely fresh install, once this fault occurs it will close as soon as it opens as it is doing at the moment with this error..

Faulting application excel.exe, version 10.0.2614.0, faulting module ntdll.dll, version 5.1.2600.5512, fault address 0x00011669.

I can connect remotely any time to try any suggestions you may have :)

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