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Laptop Voltage question


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Ok i have a question regarding laptop voltage. I have my laptop with me which is 19V DC 3.16A = 19x3.16 = 60watts and my adaptor got stolen :/. ok long story short, my house got broken into and my mobile phone was taken as well but they apprently didnt know which adaptor is for the phone and took all they could find. And now im left without an adaptor. My question is, is it possible to use another laptop adaptor or even an adaptor that fits it and is 60watts although i heard its not recommended to use others.


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You can contact the manufact. thats the best way to go, I wouldnt use another plug from another laptop, each one uses different polarities on the connection...it doesnt seem worth the risk to me. I would just give them a call, and if they dont have one, google it. There are many web pages that make alt chargers.

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If its still under warrenty you could say its broken and they may mail you a new one. Compaq told me thats the only thing they can mail out.

I could have been broken before it was stolen ;) just leave out the stolen part.


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no more warranty and ive already emailed the distributor on how to go about finding the correct replacement charger, but no reply for a long time. so can i use a hp charger for example?
The voltage, current rating, ripple voltage, plug polarity (+/- on center post), and the plug shape/style on the new adapter must be the same or you can fry the laptop power supply. Note ALL of those are critical (including shape/style).

19V is not a very common rating so the Radio Shlock universal adapters won't cut it.

The manufacturer has to supply replacements. If not the US Dept of Justice loves to hear about companies not supporting their products with spare parts. Sears had a very unpleasant run in with them a long time ago. Copy the supplier and the DOJ on any correspondence. At the very least the laptop vendor should be willing to supply the name of the manufacturer who makes the power adapter.

Who is the laptop vendor so we can avoid him in the future? Also we can dig around and see if we can turn up an identical unit with another name. This is very common for taiwanese/store brands.

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