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Laptop Spares (UK)


NTFS Stoner
im in need of a new CPU cooler for this Tiny notebook i got... anyone got any ideas where from ?

(P3 coppermine heatpipe jobby)


hardware monkey
*watches gonzo go... gonzo*

why are you doing such a thing? i doubt the little p2 heatsink is going to be adequate.


NTFS Stoner
its a P3 1100, i got a stock 40mm fan off a P2 heatsink and glued it into the laptop heatpipe :D its enough to stop the laptop rebooting and the customer asked the famous question "I need it fixing today, is there anything you can do without the correct spares ?":cool:


hardware monkey
Originally posted by GoNz0
im in need of a new CPU cooler for this Tiny notebook i got...
i saw "cpu cooler" and thought you were looking for a replacement heatsink. nothing wrong with adding fans, i suppose. :) but did you try removing the heatpipe deal, cleaning it, and applying some fresh as3? that should help too.
Removing the heatpipe and cleaning it, like Taurus said, might help.

Heh, a fan on the heatpipe, makes for voiding the warranty, no? :p But you get my award for improvisation desktop to laptop parts :blink: :happy:

BTW; Taurus, what's your avatar, I like it ( looks cool ) but I haven't any idea as to what " it " is.


NTFS Stoner
hehe, as its a P3 coppermine CPU, the heatpipe does have an offset fan to help move the air over the heatsink, but with it being a laptop the standard 40mm fan is tryin to push the air down, when the former fan pushed air sideways. anyway, the little bit of air i generated is enough to survive sisoft on multimedia benchmark 10 times :)

no im from england :p

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