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3 Jul 2002
I'm pretty much a newbie when it comes to networking, so I rater ask before screwing something up :p
My sister just baught a new laptop wich came with support for wireless network (forgot its excact name :eek: ) and an ethernet card.
The problem is, her internet connection is a USB based ADSL modem.
I'm not sure if I better disable the wireless network and ethernet connection before installing the modem, and I don't want to accidently cause irriversible damage.
How should I handle this? :confused:
i tink the name u were looking for is centrino :)

anyway, so u not going to use the wireless features right? so just go right ahead n install the modem. windows will just detect it as simply another network interface card and and u can go about using it. :D
Is there an ethernet output connector on the DSL Modem? Some have both. If there is I'd use that.

Is your sister using a router or will she connect directly to the DSL modem with just the LAPTOP?

If no router connect a cross over cable from the modem ethernet port to the laptop. Then use the conneciton wizard to do the setup. Select "Connect through a LAN".

With a router connect a straight through cable from the modem ethernet port to the laptop. Check the Modem and router manuals to see if a cross over or straight through cable is used between the router and modem. Then use the windows connection wizard to do the setup. Select "Connect through a LAN".

I don't do wireless yet.

I'll leave this to others (like Wessleym) who has run this setup. You might try PM'ing him for any tips.
Thanks guys, I think I'll just try setting up the connection and see what happens.
Maybe I'll delete the wireless for now, sense no one is about to use it anytime soon.
well now I do use wireless and if I were you I would NOT delete it, no need, there will be at minimum two places where you can turn it off;

1. In BIOS - an option to not power it (longer battery life)
2. Probly keyboard shortcut of some kind (check manual) they say this is for FDA requirements on airplanes - but fact is things have just changed with wi-fi being passed as OK on planes (20th power of mobiles and higher freq) and even Luthansa installing servers in the tailplanes so you can have in flight lan parties! :cool:

so there ya go - that's the way(s) to do it
just disable it in the Device manager (the wireless I mean) will stop it from sucking any battery. Also a friend of mine has a centrino and he has an on/off slider on the side of his laptop to turn the wireless on and off

having the ethernet, wireless and USB ADSL modem all installed and running shouldnt screw anything up, Windows will keep them as separate connection devices, its only if you want to use other machines on a network with her machine that you would need to set hers up to allow them internet access through her machine. If you dont tell it to do or do not do that then it will assume it is not to do that.
I just switch it off on the 'Wireless LAN' switch on my Sony Vaio Laptop. :p
Well, The USB connection kept screwing up, So I had to disable all other connections.
After doing that (in Network Connections) everything seems to work okay.
ah fair enough then, as its just her machine she doesnt really need wireless or wired lan, so all should be fine for the forseeable future

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