LAN Parties?


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Anyone been to a LAN party?

As in an organised one that you perhaps have to pay for,

I want to go to one, in the South East of England, but nearest one is 1.30 hours by car,

Wondered if anyone knew of one close perhaps?

Also are they any good?



I agree that an hour and a half is a bit far, but if you are willing to drive that far, it is well worth it. Lan parties are the best, me and my friends hold them almost every weekend. The only difference with the organized ones is you normally have to play the games that everybody else wants to play.


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My parents think packing up my entire PC and going to a place with a bunch of people i don't know to play comptuer games for hours straight is weird and not what a normal teen should do, and say my computer stuff will get stolen too. I really want to go to one, but I cant :(



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As Much As I Would Like to fly to America to have a LAN party I kinda don't have the money to fly to the states, I wos looking for game in the UK



I'm sorry Hal...
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Me and friends did a few back when i was in Uni, it was pretty cool. we'd hire a hall out for the weekend, go up friday night, set everything up then play till you drop, literally sometimes!


Just finished one on sunday at uni, took over a conference room and 50 of us played CS, Battlefield 1942, MoH:AA, Warcraft III etc for 48 hours, most didn't sleep at all :D

The one's who did were ridiculed for it! It's well worth it, most fun i've had at 4am with a cup of coffee for a long time!

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