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Lan management


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Hi all! I need a tool to manage a small network o 15 pc's.

What i exactly need is tool with which i will create user accounts and give rights to users. The hard part is that i want user's rights not to be depending on the pc's but on his username and pass. For example i go on a users desk with limited rights, type my username and pass and have my rights. So everyone has his rights (on any pc) depending on the username and pass he types, which i will predefine with the tool i m looking for! Does a tool like that exist? Server is win 2003 server enterprize edition and clients win200 pro. Can i do it with other operating system? A suggestions? Thanks for reading this!


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You should be able to do it without any extra software. With Windows 2003 Server, I assume your using active directory, so you should be able to set up and apply group policies to change security settings for your user. You chould also be able to manage user rights through the Active Directory Users and Computers applet.

A quick google returned this tutorial on AD.

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