Lan Extension advice please!

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Hi all
I was hoping someone might be able might be able to give me some advice please :)
The company I work from are thinking of extending their computer network the problem is these are in different buildings, which are quite a distance apart. Currently we have a laser link which obviously needs a direct line of sight and is hopeless in fog, heavy rain you name it. Are there any decent wireless solutions obviously network security is an issue so it needs to be “hacker” resistant.

Many Thanks :D


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You might choose to use the existing wireless devices and make your own antenna out of a pringles can. :p Heard that some antennas can boost signals up to 1/2 mile away.
The other advantage with directional antennas (pringles cans et al) isthat they have a narrow beam. So in order to hack/tap in, you'll haveto be in the path of the beam.

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the first building is just under 1/2 a mile away (i think) and is laser linked the next building is possibly just about a mile away :-/
I have seen that 3com do "building-to-building" wireless with upto a few miles distance?


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I'd like to hear what comes out of this thread. If you get something working, I might have to test it out with my friend who lives about 1/2mile away. :D


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Rain and fog will cause as much trouble with the existing commercial wireless as they do with laser links. Also tall trees, bushes, etc. The 2 gig frequency range is absorbed by water.

Start looking for an industrial grade RF link operating at higher frequencies if you want reliability in weather. They are not cheap.

My starting place would be G O O G L E.

As for security, no wireless system will be any better than the admins responsible for enforcing it. Use the highest encryption available, secure passwords and run regular audits for open computers hooked in. Your employees are your worst enemy. So put in place a written policy of immediate termination for anyone connecting an unsecured machine to the company net. After the first 1-2 firings people will catch on.

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