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Kodak/Mustek software?


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My friend has just got a new PC and is having trouble finding software for some hardware he has from his old PC, and he's lost all his discs.
Basically, he has a Kodak DX3215 digital camera, and a Mustek 1200 UB scanner.
He's managed to find drivers for his Mustek scanner, but no software, but I don't think there is any propriety software anyway. I think he'll be ok just using picasa for that.
However, the Kodak software is more of a problem. From what I can see, the only way to download it (For XP) is via their own download manager, and there doesn't appear to be any option to download the files for an offline install. The problem is that he doesn't have broadband, and so I was gonna download the 26MB Easyshare app. and then put in on a CD for him, but I can't do this with their downloading system. Does anyone know of any way around this, other than paying for a CD of "free" software to be sent out?
Thanks in advance, reps will be given out.


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That's the problem, I go there, it goes through the usual stuff, but at the end you download a 600K file, and when I run this it starts it's online install process, like live update. There's no means on the site to download all the files needed for an offline installation.


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Thanks for the replies, but still no joy :cry:
The Kodak downloads all take you to a 500K file that is the online installer program, none of the links take you to the actual 26MB file...
Also, that Mustek page is just the drivers, the scanning software itself isn't there. I don't think I'm gonna find this though, it's probably quite obscure.
Thanks for the help so far tho, I'll give out some reps.


All I can suggest is to phone the companies in the U.K. and ask for the software replacement. Or maybe the right links.

Thanks for rep, now tripple (x4) Nelson means I have to stand on one foot till I get some more.


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I too have the mustek scanner. You can use any program once it's scanned in. Does your friend's computer have a network card in it? If so, take it to your house and hook it up to your connection. I've done that before. It's a pain to lug it over but it's much faster to download.


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Still no luck, download managers are no use here :cry:
Nevermind, he's just gonna download it on his dial-up. Thanks anyway guys. Reps out.

Lee - What does "now tripple (x4) Nelson" mean?

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