Kingston PC2700 & A7N8X Deluxe

it will work right? the only problems with memory that are the 400's not the 333s am i correct?

*i searched, but nothing specific seemed to show up, and i only found a chart that shows 'compatable 400s'

cant seem to edit -> add attachment, but oh well.. i'll post it after someone replys.. i dont want to be a forum-whore


Yes that will work. The memory is 333 and not 400, but it will work fine with that board


it will works... but sometimes it just depend on luck...
my fren work at a quite a huge pc stores, they said customer havin many problem with the a7n8x deluxe (some is the board probs, some is batt problem, some is bios problem, some is memory incompatibility)! and btw did i forgot to mention bout the msi products...? they said "terrible!" (btw dont quote me on that k, just my 0.02)


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Originally posted by dubstar
all i ever heard was 'a7n8x deluxe is awesome' so i ordered it.. i hope its good.
it is. you hear a lot more complaints about other boards than you do about the A7N8X. and if you do hear more than a couple complaints about it, that's because it's such a popular board and every fourth person has one.

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Be careful, I have the A7V600 which proved to have incompabilities with pc2700 Kingston ram (512 for me), I had to change for an Infineon one...

Maybe Asus has issues with this particular brand...

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