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Kingston Data Traveler 2GB


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I finally updated my old IBM 128MB USB Key and got myself a nice 2GB one. It was only 24.99. I needed an upgrade for awhile.

What do you guys all have?

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
My USB Drives (in order of purchase)

Kingston Data Traveler 128MB
Kingston Data Traveler 512MB
Sandisk Cruzer 1GB

I was thinking of getting the 4GB Cruzer Titanium but the Corsair Voyager looks nice as well, faster write speeds too. Altho I do like the retractable USB plug of the Cruzer, nothing to loose,


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awesome, i can't wait for the day where we will be talking about this, but instead of 1GB, 2Gb, 4GB, its like 160, 200, 500GB USB keys lol


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I have:
2x 1GB Apacer
1x 1GB Memorex Traveldrive
1x 1GB Ridata (MP3 drive for my car)
1x 512MB Sandisk Cruzer
1x 256MB Supertalent
3x 128MB IBM

Although, I'm eyeballing some of these 4GB USB drives for $30 that I'm seeing now.

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