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Gene Yuss?
21 Jul 2004
Ok im just a little past the millipede part and i need a fire to kill those thorns and i cannot find the fire, i see this door thing but i cannot get to it, is there like a climb button?
That just tells me that he'll start opening the door, you need two levers to start and the one is hidden behind some thorns that you cannot cross
From just after the millipedes....

Head out of the cave and into the field with the herd of brontosauruses. Head
across the field while avoiding being stomped on. Head in the direction the
brontosauruses are going, while maneuvering around the bushes. If you head
toward the wall where the cave is, you'll see a crate that has a shotgun in it.
Get the shotgun. Be careful of venatosauruses and the mini ones as you follow
the brontosauruses.

You'll eventually see a pillar with a burning fire along the right wall. Go
around and under the waterfall to get to it. Light a spear on fire and throw
it into the pillar on the stairs across from you. Now you'll need to head back
to Carl and Hayes. Light pillars at the top of the stairs along the way. You
will have quite a few venatosauruses coming after you, and you'll need to use
your spears to fend them off. Lighting the pillars and fire keeps you from
having to constantly go back to light a spear on fire again.

Once you get back to Carl and Hayes, light the bushes behind them on fire. A
V-Rex will smash down the entrance to where you guys are. Head up the stairs
and to the end of the level.

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