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Killer apps!?!?!



I'm hoping that people will respond to this, but if not at least I have successfully put off finishing my research...

I'm hoping people will post all of your favorite applications in this thread, thereby exposing everyone to programs they might not have realized they can't live without. Post the apps that you have permanently on cd; those that you absolutely have to back-up before reformatting. Basically anything that you think is an incredibly useful program.

It doesn't have to be a long list, but just submitting the names of a couple programs you really like would likely be a great help to everyone. Downloading new programs is one of my favorite ways to waste time, and with suggestions from this thread maybe I won't be subsequently uninstalling everything I download.

I'm not a newbie, but my knowledge isn't very extensive. Here are a couple of my favorite apps to start the list (which I sincerely hope doesn't end with my ideas...)

--Trillian (http://www.trillian.cc) - its purty
--Popupcop (http://www.popupcop.com) - lots n lots of features and leaps and bounds more intelligent than any popup stopper I've used (which I think includes all of them).
--IsoBuster (http://www.smart-projects.net/isobuster/) - useful only if you download a whole bunch of ISOs.
--Easy CD-DA Extractor (http://www.poikosoft.com/) - rips CDs to the highest quality mp3s so fast at first I thought it wasn't actually converting to mp3.
--BSPlayer (http://bsplayer.cjb.net/) - The best video media (divx, svcd, etc) player. Uses a fraction of the resources most do but supports the most amount of formats. Also great subtitle support.
--DC++ (http://sourceforge.net/projects/dcplusplus/) - Alright some hubs don't accept it, but another program thats light on resources, high on funcionality.
--Audiogalaxy (http://home.hetnet.nl/~cpjraats/agsatellite.html) - Not the spyware laden version, but this one, which is also more functional.
--Winamp and Nero - Not real unique but they're my favorite of their types.

That's what I can think of right now, please share with us and add to the list!!

P.S. Forgive me if there has already been a thread similar to this one. I don't think there has been recently...


The Analog Kid
Its a great little proggie
I've also been using the playa recently cos I downloaded the new Nimo codecs and it was included. the included dixv verifyer is really cool too


The Analog Kid
Yeah, I forgot to mention Kazaa light.

Hey Bootsy, not to keep hounding you, but how good is Hotline for finding Divx? I've never tried it, but I'd give it a shot with a good reccommendation.
the thing about hotline is that you enter the host's server and talk to them, upload to them, jump thru some hoops for an account, and then you have access to all their files. Divx are in abundance there as well as 0-day games, apps, whatever.


I'm glad this thread is getting some posts, thanks for the ideas.

I used to be an avid hotline user, but IMHO it is too much work. You can always see the files people have (and they are often quite good), but getting the files is a waste of time:

1) You could go to a webpage, click on 4 different banners and rely on their instructions to find a login/pass. A very large majority of the time the banners have changed but they haven't updated so you can't get the l/p.

2) You can upload something at a ratio site and get some "credit" that will let you download. Then you'll end up sitting in a que forever because the person you are getting it from is on a cable modem with u/l stream of ~15kb/s.

3) No matter how you get access to files, you are always susceptible to the wonderful "time to reboot" messages, in which case you lose your place in line. And if you leave the pc on overnight to download and the server owner decides to reboot, guess what? You're SOL.

4) The best way to use hotline is to find a site that requires you to pay. You drop around $5-$10 to download, and you'll have better luck actually completing downloads on those servers. Regardless, I wouldn't ever expect to d/l anything faster than 15k/s. If the server has a fast u/l stream they split it between 10 people or so, and if their stream is slow its just a small bandwidth shared between 2 or 3 downloaders.

In summary: STAY AWAY FROM HOTLINE. In general. If you can find a good server, the program is fantastic. That will cost you though, probably money. I've also uploaded to sites for memberships, and then they disappear three days later...

If you can find a private hub in direct connect you'll have much better luck. The one I belong to has everything, all it cost was $10 for lifetime. The only problem being right now they have too many people and their backup server is down. In direct connect if you find someone on a T1 they'll only be sharing to 3 people, so you will download much faster than you would from that same person in hotline who is sharing between 10 or 15 people.

Just my thoughts. (Obviously I'm just bitter about how much time I've spent trying to get things from hotline - you might have better luck than I, it really isn't a bad program).


Nissan Powered
StatBar = system stats
Trillian = Chat
Notepad Pro = What it says
StartupCop = stops thing from starting
7Zip = winzip winace winrar ect..
Mp3 Pro = 64bit mp3's that sound like 128
Copernic Pro = Search engine thingy
MotherBoard Monitor = I only use it to get the temp of my cpu
SongSpy = dl music

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