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keybord software




I'm using a compaq presario 7478 and I got win 98 with it now here's the thing ! I got a "special" keybord to eject my cd's play pause ect ect yoiu know he but since I use win XP I don't got the software anymore because I dit not upgrade you see reinstall it then you think hu ? Well no can do I can't remember the name of the progie nor can I install software from the c's I got from compaq bacause the install them selfs and the software is hidden in THOUSANDS of .zip files
So is there a good sole who can give me the name of the program or an replacment that will work with my keybord ? a if possible where I can download it from ???

Greetz Franky
What keyboard is it? Look on the bottom of it for a model number. If it's a Compaq then go to there website to see if you can find any XP drivers for it.


Yes it's a compaq andI've been to there website and there is no mentoning of the keybord software

Greets Franky



I got a lott of numbers here !

compaq p/n 341162-168
spare p/n 387084-183

I'm guessing this is wath you need ?

Greets Franky
I've been over at Compaq seeing what would come up under XP drivers for the 7478... no 'input devices' drivers are listed. There's an update to the 'Easy Access Keyboard' for WinME that you might want to try, but there's no gaurantee. You can get that driver here:


If it doesn't work for you, put your driver CD in the drive, go to device manager and try to update the keyboard driver. XP will search the CD for you. If niether of these things work, get in touch with Compaq's tech support and ask them if they're developing XP drivers for your keyboard, and when they might be available - they might also have a quick fix to install existing drivers that will work.

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