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Keyboard Volume Keyboard

Does anybody know a tweak (preferably not another small third-party utility I'd have to install) that would allow me to control my volume from the keyboard? Thanks.
dunno some keyboards have Fn (Function) keys which then allow volume control with the Pg Up and Pg Dn keys. Also some keyboards have a volume control dial on them. As for keyboards without these features I have no idea. Maybe try digging through the apps at cnet.com or something.
Keyboard Volume Control

No, I don't any special function things on my keyboard. Doesn't anyone know how to do this? How hard can it be?


yea i was about to say bout teh Fn keys. Em i dont think they are any official keyboard tweak for that keyboard u are talking in particular. but 3rd party programs do the trick i say..i recommend
hotkeys XP found at http://www.digital-miner.com/hkcontrol.html

i used since the early versions and never looked back since. it shows the volume on the monitor to see how loud it gets. i binded mine to windows button + pg up and pg dn
. really cool and u can bind other stuff like open programs and open folders. open anything really.

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