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Keyboard/mouse not detected on fresh install


I got a weird one for ya. I just formatted my hdd to install XP.
It's my "secondary" computer and the monitor is quite old and not all resolution are supported so when it boot up the first time after installing, all I have is a blank screen. I use to go in safe mode, set the screen resolution than reboot and everything works.... But this time, when I tried to boot in safe mode, the moment XP started, my keyboard leds flashed than turned off. The "Welcome screen" of safe mode appear but I can't dismiss it because the keyboard and the mouse are not responding.

For the record, I have what's most basic in keyboard and mouse model: ordinary keyboard with no special function and an oem logitech wheelmouse.

Anything I can do?


When you install XP and it asks if you would like windows to set your default display, hit OK. It will then adjust it to something like 800x600. If you don't hit anything after 30 seconds, it will default back to 640x480, and you won't have to specify extra users! (At least that's what it did when I last did it that way.) Anyway, you might want to try borrowing a USB keyboard from someone. If your PS2 connection decides to die when you get to the logon, pop in the USB keyboard and see if Windows will detect it.


I didn't get to this setting cause the default resolution was not supported by the monitor... so the first time the computer booted up with xp in it, all I had was a blank screen...
The only thing I could do was to reset and try in safe mode...

I think I'll try booting the computer with a better monitor to see if it works in normal mode


Latest news...
I tried with a USB mouse and it worked well...

- If I plug both keyboard and mouce, does not work
- If I plug a ps/2 mouce alone (no keyboard), does not work
- I tried with 2 differents ps/2 mice with no result
- Same problem in Safe Mode

Is there a way to reset ps/2 ports without kicking the puter out of the window? :p

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