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Kerio's Firewall is not dead after all!

Good news. :D

Sunbelt Software and Kerio Technologies, Inc. today announced that the parties have signed an agreement for Sunbelt to acquire the Kerio Personal Firewall. The acquisition is expected to be finalized by the end of the month. Terms of the deal are undisclosed.

The Kerio Personal Firewall will be re-branded on an interim basis as the "Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall". All existing customers of the Kerio Personal Firewall will be able to receive support through Sunbelt once the acquisition is completed.

Upon the close of the deal, Sunbelt will also announce new reduced pricing for the full version of the product and a variety of special offers for both Kerio and Sunbelt customers. Additionally, Sunbelt will continue Kerio's tradition of providing a basic free version for home users.
Also added a story to the front-page: http://www.osnn.net/comments.php?shownews=12338


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uggghhhh.... Well I'm glad to see kerio won't die, unfortunatly I don't currently have a lot of faith in sunbelt. If their counterspy program which was developed from Giant's is any indication as to how they do things then kerio might as well be dead.

I bought a license from sunbelt for counterspy, I had some serious problems with it right from the beginning, I've emailed their "Help Desk" 3 times on 3 seperate incidents and never once recieved a reply. Their program is a system hog (50MB memory and constant 10% cpu load with active protection on) and when people have contacted them about it their reply has essentially been yup we know and don't really care.

I like kerio because of it's fairly low footprint and it's never once screwed up a system I've installed it on, if sunbelt's getting ahold of it I shudder to think what will become of it.
I've never actually used any of Sunbelt's products, so I figured it was good news that they're still going to continue the free version, unlike Sygate's demise.
After reading your post, I'm not so sure... =\

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