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Kerio Filter rules?


Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
I have the following rules in place although I'm not sure if I should... any suggestions/feedback?

Other ICMP blocked both directions
IGMP blocked both directions
Simple Service Discovery Protocol (incoming) blocked incoming
System Blocked incoming
Generic Host Process for Win32 Services blocked incoming

should any of these be unblocked? These are all I have blocked should i block any more?



Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
thanks for the link and info Enyo. Tons of stuff to wade through...but I think I'm getting there. I'm just trying not to block important web traffic with these rules. Was using outpost before which had a much simpler interface..

Perris Calderon

Staff member
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when you uninstall or dissable the outpost, the service continues to run.

you have to amke sure you dissable that.

in addition, outpost does a dns cache wich is a good idea.

you can getr the free program "fastnet99" whcih also does that, and this will speed your internet surfing.

also, outpost is very hard to get rid of all of the components, so be diligent when you decide to do it


Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
well i used unclean to remove outpost...hopefully it got it all. didnt see the outpost service in the lists of services and the agnitum folder is empty so hopefully i got it all...I'm already using fastnet99 =)

thx for the input dealer.

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