keep my 6 digit int 6 digits!!


format c:
3 Dec 2002

taking in an Emp ID for a project, it turns "000001" into "1"

how do i stop that?
you don't. you use formatting statements in your printf/puts statements :)
I agree this is a commonly raised issue with newb programmers.

I guess the easiest explanation i have given in the past is that from an internal system perspective you dont need the leading 0's as the take up space when stored in a database. To this extent the leading zeros are only used for presentation.

psuedo VB code.

dim iNum as integer
dim sString as string
dim sOutput

sString = "000000"
iNum = 1

sOutput = RIGHT (sStr & cStr(iNum),6)

'from the above the sOutput would be left as "000001"

if you then need to read the int value simply cInt(sOUtput) would return 1

sorry for the vb but i am not a c# programmer.



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As LordOfLA said its pretty much all down to the formatting when you output it.

If you specifically need something like this then you'd probably want to create a structure with an array of numbers in it, but you would then need to write functions to ensure no array index had a number greater than 9.

something along the lines of
printf("%06d", emp_id);
might do it though I have admittedly not tested it
thanks guys. sorry it took so long. your direction is much appreciated.

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