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Kazaa questions

I 've heard and knew about Kazaa already a long time but only last night had the guts to installed it and was just 'toying' with it but was wondering how do you guys download the movies available there ?? I mean., I have a constant 25 Mbps ADSL connections here but it seems like downloading the movie will take me endless hours...the 'remaining time' will jump from 7 hours to 190 hours and then back to 18 hours...is that true ?
1). The downloading of most of the movies (and audio is illegal). Discussion of those kinds of activities gets you a nasty gram from the admins here. Kazaa is also continuously spied on for download and upload activity and you can now get a nice lawsuit in the mail for taking or uploading just one file. (Friend of mine just got one for a 10 year old movie he couldn't find anywhere else. His ISP also cut off his service to avoid being sued also.)

2). Kazaa is a squirming nest of virus loaded files and fake files placed there by the movie and recording companies. You may download 10 files to get one good movie.

3). Kazaa software is loaded with spyware so the whole world gets to see what you do online and where you surf. (Been to any porn sites or politically incorrect sites lately?)

Kazaa is no longer a good idea. It is a convenient source of demos, trailers, shareware and other legal goodies. If you must play there:
- Put up a firewall.
- Make damn sure you have a good antivirus and the LATEST virus files update.
- Get Kazaa Lite (it doesn't have the spyware, search google for kazaalite)
- When you get caught downloading things you shouldn't expect to loose your broadband and be sued for 10's of thousands of dollars by someone who keeps an entire lawfirm on retainer.
Sorry about that 'illegal' part...didn't know about that...I thought it was a new thing for me...and I've given up trying to download anything since anything won't work..and like you said there could be some viruses., I agree with you..and thanks for all the words you've told me...I'm going to uninstall it now..and forget about it..don't worry...Thanks mate !
Yes, Kazaa talk is a big no no since its basically entirely composed of illegal files and spyware. And watch out, the RIAA and MPAA offically own your ass now.

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