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Kazaa question


Mr. Ass

There is a bunch of talk about Kazaa's parent company being sued like napster was. Well I read somewhere that it would be impossible for Kazaa or Morpheus to be taken offline because it is not controlled by a central location like napster was. Is this true? If so why are they even bothering suing if all they could do is stop the distrobution of the software?!?
hmm think it is true b/c i was on kazaa a long time ago and i went into this chatroom they had there and some guy who owned or managed some part of kazzaa said something like kazaa will most likely never get shut down b/c of such and such.


personally i cant see how they can stop it ....even if they somehow kill P2P there's always IRC ..FXP ...pubstro .....etc

i think their main goal is just to limit the number of ppl trading files
Part of the suit isn't even looking to shtu down Kazaa, the RIAA actually wants to be allowed to hack into its user's computers. They're just looking for scare tactics because they know they can't kill Kazaa like they did Napster.
RIAA hacking in my computer. Hey you *******s!

Try hacking 5000 + mp3s, all of which are on CDRs.

Plus getting past that hardware firewall that I am obtaining might be interesting.

And how are you going to tell if my mp3s are legal or not?

What if I ripped it with Windows media player in mp3 player and removed all tags?

Then what?

RIAA makes me sick.


They just don't want KAZAA to be a household name. They want to keep the underground stuff...underground!:cool:
And it would of been better if people didnt boast about Kazaa (BTW, im not acting agressivly against anyone).. i just mean like CNet and Download.com would shut up boasting about it and let the news of Kazaa be spread by secretcy of word of mouth by friends and relatives.. there would of been a less chance that the RIAA getting involved.. but even if Kazaa was to close down.. there are hundreds of other Peer 2 Peer Programs out there.. so i shouldnt worry to much although Kazaa was a major break-thru from Napster. I mean i use it all the time but i guess it cant be helped i supose.. If only there was a way inwhich we are able to move the RIAA to another area... hmm, maybe we could deploy a new gossip of another Peer 2 Peer program that is more powerful than Kazaa (made up of course:happy: ) and let it slip into the ears of the RIAA and they can spend a few years looking for this so called Program :happy: .. hehe that would anoy them :p

Sincerly Alex

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