KaZaA poisoned with salted files?



Ha! The More file on KaZaA make it even more popular. All they are doing is making KaZaA more appealing to many new users. Sure there are alot of misnamed files in KaZaA but alot of them can be avoided. Take for example fastrackmovies and sig2dat, they are execellent tools to avoid those fake files. Anyway I am looking forward for KaZaA to reache the 3,000,000gb mark. Last Time i checked it was around 2,970,000gb. Truly with this much files youll surely find what you need.


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Not used Kazaa for a couple of month
I thought it was cool when the amount of users reached a million
Now theres 2.5 million users WOW !!!!!!!
That is 1 big community


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Originally posted by Jz1397-4
well america is 250 million people, something like that
Your point being ???????
If your trying to tell me that there are a lot of PC users in the USA, there is, but not all 250million of them !!!!!!!!
The country with the highest ratio of PC users I think you'll find its Sweden.
& did you know that Kazaa is a Dutch invention ??????
Not everything in this world is Made in America

;) :p :cool:


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Originally posted by catch23
Maybe that's why it sucks so much...

STOP using Kazaa fools...do you have any idea what's going on there now?
Your post sounds really scary catch !!!!!!
I have missed something ?????
are we all gonna get arrested ?????
have our computers siezed/disabled ?????


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Originally posted by catch23
You know what the RIAA and whatever that hollywood movie association was wants to do with it...and you can't believe that they're just complaining...There is no doubt that they already have attacked numerous systems, and that they are putting infected files with backdoors onto Kazaa

Is it really that hard to stop using Kazaa? come on...it wasn't that great of a thing to begin with...nor was Napster.
I understand your concerns
BUT !!!
1. There is a legitamate use for Kazaa !!!!
2. If you dont break the law using kazaa your in no danger.
3. The best protection while using kazaa is a bit of common sense



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When was the last time you used Kazaa to download a legal file?
Good point ;-)
You're always in danger...this is the RIAA
Good point, maybe a bit over dramitic though. If you get caught sharing a copyrighted file (which can only happen if the RIAA download the file from your PC, and they have no idea what files are in transit as these files are encrypted) your not going to be thrown in prison or anything like that. The RIAA will contact your ISP who in turn will contact you & ask you stop sharing that particular file or else.
That's true...but hundreds of thousands have obviously shown they have no common sense by getting viruses from Kazaa..and millions have shown they have no common sense by using software that is HEAVILY monitored.
Good point but thats human nature for you, we all cant be blessed with your level of common sense.
:p ;)


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Originally posted by catch23
When was the last time you used Kazaa to download a legal file?
After thought

99% of the Mp3's I download from Kazaa is legitimate !!!
I'm 35 & I've been collecting music for 20 year
I have a boxes full of LP's & cassettes none of which I can play apart from not having a record/cassette player they are all of low quality or damaged in some way.
Also I have quite a few CD's that overtime have become scratched & unplayable.
now I download & replace instead of going back to the shop & buying the same product again & again & thats only if its in stock !!!!!
If I like it I'll buy it.
& create 1 backup which is legal.

:p ;)



Kazaa is trash there are much better psp clients around, that have more users, more files (complete - no crap or miss named) with faster download speeds. If you want to use Kazaa thats your choice, but you can do better.



catch23 now don't get me wrong, but the only people who might be "at risk" would be people in the US. It's the RIAA, not the RIAW Recording Industry Association of the World - I don't believe the RIAA has any direct legal authority outside the US. The whole psp debate I don't thing will ever be settled. When one is closed down another opens. Worst case senerio is it all goes back to the old FTP system. Just my two cents.;)

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