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Kazaa Lite problem


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I have kazaa lite and i feel that i am downloading real real slow is there any way to download faster.
and I know that the other people have fast connection and i have dsl.


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well not really. The user you are downloading from has probably set a maximum upload speed. Or that person maybe on dial up.
I always enjoyed the Speed program that comes with Kazaa Lite, works for me, but sometimes like o_87 said it just depends on the other persons upload speed.



I tried out diet version add on and notice a lot of setting but no advantages over kazzalite on its own,i also experience slow downloads at times and at other times i get 150-170k which is over and above my 1024k modem,128k download speed same as i used to get 70k when i had 512k modem with 64k download speed.
It as the guy above says it just depend on other users speed and if he has limited it and traffic and wher in the world he is.
I used to limit upload speed but after reading site its better to leave up full and let user get the file from you as fast as possible for 2 reasons,1 they will be off your back sooner and 2 they will now have file to share also as in grand pri 4 ,i think i found the only user that had working copy when it first came out,it took me a week to download as he was offline most times after that everyone was downloading from me so it like a tree branchimg out with more and more getting it and in turn sharing it so you will find more user when you leave the speed up tool running.
john30uk, is correct, however, please don't describe warez you downloaded from any p2p program, while that may be what p2p is now, it wasn't originally set up to be that way.


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