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Kazaa and DSL !


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Just got DSL today(The post "Any DSL tweaks" is mine) and wanted to know why the hell Kazaa is downloading so slow?
My speed is like 0.75 and earlier today was 14.00.
Any ideas ?


Network traffic, time of day. There are TONS of reasons. Which version are you using? 2.0 now has a rating system. You must keep your rating or "participation" as they call it high otherwise your speeds decrease. Your participation levels begins to drop the minute you use kazaa and does not raise unless people can download from you (and complete the file successfully). As well, if you rate your files you earn a higher participation per download.

Check out that info, see if it helps. :)


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I've explained this to a lot of people on this board already.......

Kazaa is a Peer to Peer network. You are downloading files directly off other's PCs, so your speed will only be as fast as the other guy's upload. And every download comes from a different user. So if your downloading off a Dialup Modem user, you get 0.75, if your downloading off another Cable/DSL user, you'll get the 14.00. Get someone on a school or work T1 or T3 and watch it fly to 150.00. It all varies by the user you download from.



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Dude chill out ! (JJB6486)

Didn't you see that i've said, " Just got DSL ". Why will i come up in here and read any posts on DSL if i don't have DSL?
Like i've said in the other post: I searched through the site and didn't find anything.
Thanks for your response. It was useful anyways !
Thanks bruce_ers00 !


Leo he was chilled. I think he simply trying to convery that just becasue you have DSL doesn't mean you going to have great download speeds. This seems to be a commom misperception, the only time it is not is if you are downloading from somthing ungodly fast and your are limited by your own equipment. When you download files from the internet, you are actually reaching into that computer and pulling infoirmation off, you are requesting that the information be sent to you, you in effect are nothing more than a receiving bin. Therefore, you are going to be limited by the speed in which the data is transmited to you. I hope this clears up any confusion


Actually, Kazaa is the only P2P proggie I have tried that does not require lots of configuring/port forwarding to work on an ADSL router configuration. I always get good speeds.

Of course, you must use Diet Kaza or KazaaLite !!!
Unless you actually like Bonzi Buddy ;)


i get download speeds or 400k or more on WINMX regularly, so i would recommend WINMX!!

i have 1mb cable ^__^ I LOVE CABLE!!
If you have a 1 Mbit cable line you won't get 400 kbytes anyway. The theoretical limit is 125 kbytes. Do you mean 400 kbits? That's only 50 kbytes.


dude, my 1mb cable can d/l at speed or 1000k Not on winMX though!, but i was mistaken, on winmx i recorded a 100k d/l speed MAX,


i meant KB, my 1mb cable downloads at speeds pf 1000KB, which is damn fast, but for the price it should be!!
Then it's not a 1Mbit line. Period. Do the math yourself if you wish. If you can download at 1000kbytes (1Mbytes) the line has to be AT LEAST 8Mbit. But this is the teoretical limit. With all the ethernet and TCP/IP overhead it should be at least 10Mbit.


woah man. You have lost me on this techno mumbo jumbo. Kazaa varies it's speed, sometimes I get around 60kb/s and next I get 10kb/s!!!

It is weird man!
On kazaa, often, I download at 189kb/s, then the next day, I download at 6kb/s. Want it to be faster, because before, I'v downloaded off at website, and 1.5MB per sec, which was pleasently cool.


what do you people really expect when downloading from other people? of cource u gona get slow speed cuz they dont got money to have unlimited upload bandwith. also speed depends on how widely the file is spread and all other banch of stuff


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Originally posted by mafiafromrussia
what do you people really expect when downloading from other people? of cource u gona get slow speed cuz they dont got money to have unlimited upload bandwith. also speed depends on how widely the file is spread and all other banch of stuff
it is PEER to PEER networking... kazaa that is...

your download speeds depend entirely upon the source you are dling from... and the bandwidth they allocate for people dling from them...


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Now guys, my isp claims that my internet speed is up to 786.(Im talking about here a regular dowload off the internet, NOT KAZAA)
My download speed is 356 and them i keeps on going down and down. Why is that ?


exactly sazar. and u should be thanking people for sharing stuff. think of how many other people do not share file at all? that sux.

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