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K7S5A EliteGroup MOBOS


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Originally posted by madmax1345
please toss that rubish out now. my m8s and i have nothing but bad luck with them.
me too. got one like a year and a half ago to build a comp for someone. it gave me troubles, but i got it to run. dunno if it still does. :(


hardware monkey
you downloaded both the flash utility AND the BIOS ROM, right?

double-click on the k7s5a021029.exe and it will unzip a .rom file. then boot into dos using a bootdisk and go to the path with both files (utility and rom) and type aminf333 021029.rom.
i have built 6 computers with this board because of its price and performance and none of the computers I've built have had any problems... I keep mine overclocked at 143/143 and use the honeyX bios. http://pub65.ezboard.com/bk7s5amotherboardforum
The honeyX bios will provide some bug fixes and enables overclocking the front side bus and more memory options.

The stock ECS bios are crap. Also I remove the stock heatsink from the chipset and install an old 486 heatsink and fan on it using artic silver 3 and superglue. Instructions to do this can also be found on the above link.

Once those two things are done the mobo works and performs great and its able to handle what ever I throw at it.
on that page i linked above download the flash tool and the BIOS file ( .rom file) put them on a floppy disk and boot into DOS, or if you are using winXP or 2000 use a win 98 boot disk to get into DOS. at the promt type

C:\ aminf***.exe *******.rom

(*** = exact name of files you have on the disk)

and the program will then proceed to flash the BIOS to the new one.

also on that page you can find somewhere in the forums a link to download a bootable cd image so you don't have to use a win98 boot disk, but not sure where.

If you need a boot disk and don't have a win98 system go here and download one: http://www.bootdisk.com/

you don't have to enable anything to be able to flasht the BIOS just have to use that tool in DOS.


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if i dont have to enable flash,

explain this

DOS/4G Protected Mode Run-time Version 2.01a
Copyright (c) Tenberry Software, Inc. 1996
? Chipset/Flash part isn't available. The function will be invalid.

how do u enable on the mobo


hardware monkey
are you trying to flash your bios in a command window in xp? make sure you make a bootdisk and restart with it to get into a pure dos environment.


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WORST mobo of all time.

have had 3 go bad on coustmers...
and at Fry's there is stacks upon stacks of them in the return area


hardware monkey
Originally posted by shoulin
WORST mobo of all time.

have had 3 go bad on coustmers...
and at Fry's there is stacks upon stacks of them in the return area
haha, yeah i've seen that same stack.

but you also have to realize that the same people that grab those up are the same type of people that don't know much about building comps. so half of the boards are probably fiine, they were just inexperienced.

but you still have the other half of the stack. }:>

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