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jv16 powertools



For fans of jv16 pt, the author has gone commercial, and the application will no longer be available for free.

If you try to nav to any of the old websites (forum, downloads, etc.), you are redirected to the site of the new owners of the software.


The tools, one of my favorites, are now available as version 1.4 , at approximately $30.

I've used this app for years, and have grown to love it. I will keep my old 1.3 version, but don't think I'll be opting in for the new one. The price, really doesn't seem all that bad, considering how well the application works, but I've heard a couple of different places, that the new version, isn't so much better, as to be worth the price for those of us lucky enough to have the old one.

I think the author has every right to sell his program, and don't feel badly toward him for doing so. I did donate a small amount of funding to him in the past, and I feel I got more than excellent return on my investment.

The author, Jouni Vuorio, has worked on developing software since he was 17 years old, and recently turned 21. I wish him good luck, and prosperity in all his endeavors. He will be missed.


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Hmm... I don't blame the author for charging for this app... it is a great tool. $30 though? That might be a bit high.
I just recently uninstalled the new jv16 as I ran the registry cleaner and it took out a thread in my registry that screwed up my links out of email. Now I'm not trying to slam on Jouni since he sold his source code, I can't blame him. I hope he got some good $$ from http://www.macecraft.com/ the guy deserves it. The guy looked like he lived in poverty for years. I remeber checking out some of his pictures on his website last year and remember his pictures of his little desk in some barracks he lived in when he was in the Denmark Army... Anyway Be "careful" using the new jv16 as it is VERY powerful. I'll stick with RegCleaner 4.3


:) Thank's for the 'heads up' Enyo. I missed that post.

My 1.3 version has been good to me, now it's treasure.


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I have tried to use this program and have grown to hate it...never really did anytihng and never really fixed or helped with my computer...I really haven't found a good regcleaner yet


tuffgong4, are you sure you knew how to use it properly? This program was awesome. Did , or allowed me to do almost anything i wanted to my reg.

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