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Just wondering ... any Mapler out there ??

hi everyone , i'm new to this forum ^^
i'm a mapler from Msea , so just wondering ... any Mapler out there ?? be it Msea / GMS / EMS or any other MS ??
Cheers ¬
errr , mapler means a gamer on Maple Story ( MapleStory is the World's first 2D side-scrolling MMORPG and having ranked as the best casual online game in Korea, Japan , China and South East Asia etc ... ) :lick:

there is afew version of Maple Story depends on your location , for example the very 1st is KMS ~ Korean Maple Story , JMS ~ Japan Maple Story , Msea ~ Maple Story South East Asia , GMS ~ Global Maple Story and so on ...

If you are staying in U.S then you can login GMS & even Msea but restricted to the others . Those staying in Europe can only login Europe Maple Story and so on ...
so , base on your question i bet you never heard of Maple Story before ... LOL

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