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Just Reformatted .. need help please



Hi .. I just reformatted my computer and let me first say that I dont remember it being that disorganized with useless crap when I first got it ...

Anyways ... need some help here, when I open windows explorer, it always shows the big icons in the window and I like the details option instead. How can I make that the default option.

Also .. how do I start windows explorer in the c:\ by default .. I used to have it like that and I found out how to do it through these forums but I cant seem to find that thread anymore .. I remember it was just an extra comment added to the target .. but I cant remember what it was exactly

Any replies would be a huge help. Thanks!


Prodigal Son
Originally posted by mattg1981

Also .. how do I start windows explorer in the c:\ by default
It's in this thread. Sorry but don't have time to look through the almost 200 posts right now. If you have time to look around, it's in there among a buch of other cool tweaks.

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