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6 Dec 2003
Well it is actually a Wedding shower gift for me and my fiancee we got from a group of our friends. :)
anyway, I have to admit it pretty cool, I have played it before. its a nice gaming console to have when family and friends are over. my only beef is it has no games :dead:

so far we just have wii sports, wii play and Game party.

can someone suggest some good worth the money games.

Legend of Zelda i feel is a must have. Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption if you're into first person shooters (and aiming with the wii remote works quite well in this compared to other early games where it sucked). those are just some right off the top of my head.
Zelda.. Brawl.. Mario Galaxy.. Mario Kart.. Metroid..
Mario Kart is a must! Get it! Now!
Mario Kart, Mario Galaxy and Tiger Woods are my favorites. There is a new game coming out today called de Blob that is supposed to be great as well.
thanks for the input guys, i will be doing some research. I want to choose wisely as the knight said to Indy :)

side note

the new Wario game coming soon looks really fun. watch the video there is a surprise!!!

thanks for the input guys, i will be doing some research. I want to choose wisely as the knight said to Indy :)

He did but bah, what did he know he was trapped in a cave for hundered of years man hw must of been bored.....

Anyway the games we owen/ed for the wii
Guitar Hero 3
Zelda TP
Super Paper Mario
Resident Evil 4
Metriod Prime
Wario Ware
Rayman RR 1
Mario Party 8
Mario Kart
Smash bros brawl
Big Brain acd
Harry Potter
Price of Persia (now sold)
Paynga Golf (now Sold)
Mario Strikers Chargered (now sold)

Maybe a couple more but can not remember off the top of my head. If you have any questions about any of them please ask :)
i've heard pro evolution soccer is also good

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