Just Discovered Board Tweak

Perris Calderon

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I'm embarrased that I didn't know this till today, so there has to be some of you that didn't know this too;

If you visit this board a lot, and you are tracking particular threads, when you spot the thread you want, there is a little white arrow, pointing down...this is before you even access the thread, on the very page with all the thread topics...ok, just hit that arrow, and it'll take you right to the last post you've read...now this is differant then the go to first new post link, because this gets you there without having to load the first page.

Now, I feel real stupid to just discover this, and don't even want to admit that I didn't know it, but know that I do, whew, lots of page loading saved....I'm going to suggest to waddy, that he make this arrow more distinctive, with discriptive text, if everyone uses this, there'll be fewer calls to the server, and we'll get more bandwidth too....lol

if there is no arrow, then there are no posts you haven't read


knew it showed me that the post was new/updated but didn't know I could click it. Thanks man