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Just bough tthe new splinter cell for Pc Chaos theory.


Blame me for the RAZR's
Just bought the new splinter cell for Pc Chaos theory. Will pop my review out for it when i get a second to install it. Anyone else going to buy this love to play some multi with someone i know.

Ok FINALY got the game running. Had some problems installing with a old dvd drive of mine. the drive and the evil starforce anti pirate software were fighting. Was making me crc on the first file. Hit ignore then after game was installed found file on the dvd and copied myself. That seems to be working good now.

another thing i had a problem with was the cd key aparently you dont need to enter the bottom numbers only first 25. Something should of told me that but i had to look up the problem on the site..

Ok just played a little bit.. WOW is all i can say. More to come soon.
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I have the first 2 (SC, SC: Pandorra Tommorrow) for the xBox, i love the games. Very well put together and very hard to put down. I will get chaos theory at some point, most probably around my birthday when i have the extra cash. :)

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Game seemed very cool just before I went to x64 and now it won't run (at least without a crack) due to the copy protection, I haven't had time to play it anyway - but I was enjoying what I have seen so far definatly.

The frist splintercell was great, the second one less so, the third one seems a little easy but I am going to liken it more to the first again even tho Michael Ironside doesn't seem to be in it anymore and the guy seems to have gotten younger?


Blame me for the RAZR's
i am loving it. THE BEST PART IS NOW YOU CAN SAVE ANYTIME YOU WANT! hehe makes the game so much more fun for me.

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