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Just another day...


Was LadySunshine
with Windows XP screwing up! No idea whats going on but it keeps crashing on me and its a mess! I thought maybe it was ONE program causing it but everything is making it do this...

I dont want to have to reformat! UG!


Was LadySunshine
Ran a virus scan, did a defrag already and it'll just tell me that whatever I'm running crashed, asks if I want to send the info to Microsoft and then when I hit DONT SEND it crashes....

No idea whats going on there. :(
do this:
press the window key + pause > go to advanced > then to sartup and recovery > then uncheck "automatically restart."

or you can turn off the error reporting by:
press the window key + pause > go to advanced then hit error reporting on the bottom, de-activate and you're set.

If you crash again, it wont restart then let us know what error you're getting and we'l see from there.

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