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Join The Beta Experience - Vista and Office 12

The new generation of Microsoft Windows© and Office© is about to be launched. Get in on the act right from the start and follow the new products as they go through to the finals. As a member of the Vista and Office Beta Experience you will benefit from valuable resources, specialist knowledge and additional bonus material. In addition, your subscription will include regular issues of the Beta Experience Newsletter containing specialist knowledge all about Windows Vista and Office "12".

By joining the Beta Experience now you will receive:
* A reminder as soon as the beta software is available
* The easy opportunity to download or order the beta software (shipping and handling fee may apply)
* The Beta Experience Newsletter (starting January 2006)
* Exclusive offers, resources and additional downloads

Something you guys might want to sign up for. ;)

This original thread was lost in the database accident. I was able to salvage the cached version of the thread from MSN Search, and I've uploaded the cleaned up version for future reference.

Please note that certain images may be missing and internal links may be broken.
Fortunately, the content itself is intact.

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This thread can be used as a continuation of the old one hereafter.

Electronic Punk

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Having an issue where beta.microsoft.com never mails me :(
I didn't even know I was on the office beta and haven't even been mailed a key.

I have even tried contacting them. Damn pain, but then Office 12 doesn't work in Vista yet and I am not prepared to stick it on my main rig as I actually really need to use that!


.. Commodore ..
Political User
I can't sign up for beta.microsoft.com .. They keep saying about sending emails, but I never recieve one .. I was able to sign up for beta experience though ..

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