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Debiant by way of Ubuntu
twice or thrice now I have got timeouts in the forum on the link in the subject line - I do not think it is my drunken fingers on the touchpad ....

but if you tell me it is I will stand corrected!


mainframeguy i have been getting something like that too.. mainly when i left the adress bar with just www. in it, i am not sure why it did it, rebooted and it hasn't happened since but it was really wierd, thought firefox was killing itself


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
hmmmm it was on firefox for me too - only have it on lappy.....

's my excuse anyway

(If I can do it when sober I'll post screenie - too tired now!)
Probably some ad that refuses to load. FF always notifies you when a site 404's, even when the site is loaded into another site, like it's the case here.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
thanks Glaanie - good to know - someone move this over to problem solved.....

PS - How's the server? If you don't get it up soon I'll have built my new rig and quieted the old into "server mode"!! - j/k - actually I like the way my eyes roll at your red X in IE ;)
lol, I am having problems with PHP, for some reason the php files won't parse. I updated the software and OS on the server as soon as I got it working again (when I installed the new motherboard). But I think I buggered up an update of PHP, because php-files won't parse now. But I am gonna do a total reinstallation soon and I am gonna run tests with PHP5 + mysql.
Right now, the server is running as my network storage device, all my music and downloads are stored on there.

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The only adverts that use mamma are the 468x60 adverts.
I like the ads, mostly flash as they are very pretty and eyecatching - including the flash ad from Microsoft telling people to upgrade to SP2 - the kind of ads I have always wanted.

Unfortunatly the ads I have always wanted pay badly. Think Mamma has made about $10 this month, for the number of impressions they are getting and apparently should be getting it is a little shocking ... so if they continue to cause issues I have no problem removing them, even if I do like the way they look...
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