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JetWay V600DAP SATA drivers


fanless 3Ghz Opty
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Simple problem, eh? :)

I play a little with old hardware, like the mentioned JetWay V600DAP mobo and to test if the SATA working and to can use the mobo as kind of testing mobo, I need the SATA drivers thre - the 138k big driver:
drvdisk.zip - (10/23/05) - 138K - SATA - V600DAP serial ATA disk driver

However all there mirrors resulting "Not Found". A little rapidshare help with it, anyone can provide? I tried Google, but no luck. Also nothing V600DAP related on eMule (surprisingly) ...

Google search: V600DAP SATA driver download
give me for example this page
...but there is only the SATA floppy stuff necessary for installing windows on SATA drive, not the SATA drivers for windows itself that I need. The Windows used are XP SP1.0a and they instead of SATA disk display the message that says there is a unknown RAID device... :cry:

Dark Atheist

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try extracting the exe using winrar ;) - and have a look in i386\NT5 :D - also grab the via 4in1 drivers from there that should install all the files you need too


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Have you tried reading or clicking on the zip archive? I would suggest you to do so, since you will discover the reason for this thread exist in first place - bloken links. It is not possible to get the need driver on this site.
If you manage it, drop me a mail with the archive :)

Dark Atheist

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if the link is broken how did i download the file and extract the exe ?



fanless 3Ghz Opty
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Now that is a GOOD solution! Thanks a lot! It works flawlessly!

So, drivers extracted from the floppy SATA install there:

Are there for anyone to download - JetWay SATA drivers for Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT and even Windows 2003 in 64bit version

I have my doubts, tough, how one can made ANY 64bit CPU working in the JetWay V600DAP, but what the hell... :)

Under WinXP my SATA HDD is just copying the data as we speak - restart required and drivers works like a charm!

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