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Jedi knight 2 again


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I've just found why I'm having the problem with jedi knoight 2 in multiplayer. It's the refresh rate tool. When I'm playing online with the tool installed it totaly locks up and I have to totaly turn off the pc(the button on the tower itself) to get the pc working again. I put everything back to defults and uninstalled the tool and it worked no problem. Does anyone know how to fix this? I thought it may be fixed in much the same way that battlefield 1942 is but I can't figure it out.


You don't by any chance have a Sound Blaster Audigy, do you? I ran into a similar problem in multi-play, but traced it back to enabling EAX.

After contacting Creative, they said the problem was from loading drivers from the included Audigy CD and then upgrading to the drivers from the web. If this is similar to your problem I'll post the fix they gave me. (It's kind of a process).


- Download the latest XP drivers from Creative.
- Open Control Panel and uninstall Sound Blaster Drivers (if present)
- Put the Audigy CD in the drive.
- From the CD run \audio\english\drivers\ctzapxx.exe
- Reboot the computer into safe mode (keep hitting F8 just after you BIOS finishes posting and before the windows xp screen comes up. Choose Safe Mode from the menu.)
- Once in Safe Mode, right-click on My Computer and choose Manage
- Select Device Manager from the left pane
- On the right pane, expand "Sound Video and Game Controllers"
- Right click and uninstall all Sound Blaster/Creative drivers.
- Reboot into normal mode.
- Run the setup from the downloaded drivers.

There you go mate. Lousy thing about the "fix" is you lose the apps from the CD, but if you don't use them, then that works out ok. This fix did work in Jedi Knight for me. I hope it does the same for you.

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