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[javascript] Display a hidden object (see thread for details)

In my search for cute/fun html play thingies I found a fun one here on NTFS.org, or actually vBulletin 3.0. When you want to attach a file to a post, you use the 'Manage Attachments' button, which brings up a new window. When uploading a file in this window, a hidden text becomes unhidden, which says 'Uploading Files, please wait'. I was curious, so I peeked in the source to see how it's being done.
It turns out that a javascript function unhides a hidden text ('display: none' in CSS). I also wanted this, so I copied the relevant bits of code and modified it a bit and put it in a file.
As you may guess, it doesn't work. I put in alert boxes in each if...else structure, but it doesn't even display that. Can anyone point me out what is broken and should be fixed? The file can be found at http://glaanieboy.dyndns.org/test_pages/index.html

When you are looking for an answer you can't find it, but when you aren't, you bump into it right away :rolleyes: :lol:
I found a better javascript function on another website and that code works :)

function hideTable(ID) {
        if (document.getElementById(ID).style.display == "") {
            document.getElementById(ID).style.display = "none";
        } else {
            document.getElementById(ID).style.display = "";

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