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Jason Bourne back in 2010


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Yeah, I was reading the Wikipedia entry on Bourne a few days ago and noticed that there are 3 more novels... so I'm guessing another 3 movies are in the works :D


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The first movie tried the hardest to be closer to the books.. and, in my opinion, failed completely to the point where I couldn't stand the first movie when it first came out because of how lame the story was compared to the book.

It was only after several years when I re watched it that I could enjoy it since it had been a long time since I read the books.
Yes, I was looking forward (or actually dreading because I was sure it wouldn't) to the beginning of the first movie being like the book, but the movie was different within a minute or two.

Personally I haven't been able to get into any of the Bourne movies. The new Bourne movies, that is. I don't remember if I liked the version from the 80s, although I can't swear if that was theatrical or made for TV/mini-series.

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