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Itunes & Speed


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I have grown to like Itunes, one I guess because of my ipod and I really just enjoy the organization of the files. That's not the point.

I have noticed that Itunes is very slow to open up. Why is that?

Is that my comp (dont think so, fast comp) or something else.??


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How many songs do you own? iTunes is known to slow down once you go past 5000 or so songs because of the way it stores the information in an XML file. Also, if you have over a certain amount of GB's of music (think 100 GB) it will start to slow down as well, mostly because of the aforementioned part, the XML file.


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I don't think I've ever come across an installation of iTunes on Windows which launches at a speed to be considered fast. Quite a shame considering it's nice and nippy on OS X.


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Yeah my windows MP library has about 1000 songs in and opens almost immediately but my itunes library, which has about 6000 songs and 20BG of videos opens after a second or two. Not sure if it's the quanity of songs or quality of the player but there's a big difference between the two.
check your disk for fragmentation and see if the iTunes Music Library data file is fragmented, but as SpeedY_B said iTunes has never loaded up on Windows as it has on the Mac. Mind you that might be down to the QuickTime libraries which may be more optimised into the system on Mac.


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itunes on windows is just inherently slow. even with a clean library (around 50 songs and 10 podcasts) on a clean install


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I have 1500 Songs 4.1 Days 8.74GB

and its freaking slow.....no fix...or anything....ARGGgg

How would I check my disk for fragmentation....


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iTunes on windows is a piece of bloated garbage. What I usually do is use Winamp to send songs to my iPod and use foobar to play all the media on my computer. I have roughly over 4000 songs, its around 20GB total in size. Use Media Player classic for videos with the K-Lite Codec pack of course.

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