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Not Bman

I have noticed that I can't play any files that are that format.

If it's downloaded, it skips the frame every 2 secs, but the sound is normal.

It also does this within Itunes when trying to what a podcast.

What is the deal?

Let me explain again, if I downloaded a .Mov file, it plays fine in VLC, but horrible in Quicktime or Itunes....
Ummm, all my .mov file play just fine. You know that sometimes the files you download are corrupted. They can be .mov .avi .wmv etc... and still be a bit poopy. Have you tried other .mov files to see if this is across the board? Try to download the file in question from another source, unless this is the only place you can get it. I have had odd downloads of video and music files on occasion. I usually wind up tracking down another source for the file. Good luck. :)

Now you say it plays fine with VLC, maybe your QuickTime and Itunes installs are screwy? Did you just recently update them? Maybe the update did a boo boo. Try other .mov files that you have saved on your HDD, one that you have played before and worked fine. If it plays funky then QT and/or iTunes is das poopy. If the play fine, then the file in question is das poopy. Doesn't iTunes use QT to play these files? If so then maybe a reinstall of QT will cure it.
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I haven't played to many .mov files in the past, I normally get xvid .avi files. Which of all the .mov files I downloaded and tried they play fine in VLC, no Itunes nor QT. They were just reinstalled acouple times actually, for other reasons. Still doing it.

Could somehow the driver be screwed up, or does the programs control that?
The files I now am having problems with are podcasts I get from Itunes Store, where does itunes keep them, and is it able to change that location, or play them from somewhere else?

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