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It's that time of year again ...

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So, there you have it. I'll announce it:

We are moving servers again! Weeeee :p. Stick with me.

There will be some disruptions in the service while i am slowly moving all the stuff over from the old server to the new server.

Going from:

1 Intel Pentium 4 3.19 Ghz
1 GB ram
80 GB HD


2 Intel Pentium Xeon's
1 GB
2 120 GB HD's

This will take a bit of time, so please bear with it. Try to be considerate, and if the site is offline for a few minutes, just think that it will be for the better.

I picked the name defiant.osnn.net for the server, which was coined by rushm, and was picked out of a lineup by Khayman.

J-W Regeer
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Things to do:

3. Copy user login data over
4. Test phase MySQL. Dump DB on old server, import on new
5. Get mail set up on new host. Change MX in DNS to new server
6. Ask ThePlanet to set up RDNS entries for the 10 IP's we have
7. Copy users mail from old server to new server
8. Mail services on old server cease, only incoming mail is forwarded to new server
9. Set up NC to forward standard connections like pop, imap so that user does not notice switch
10. Get Apache running
11. Copy old awstats processed logs over. Change DNS to point at new server
12. Copy last version of MySQL over to new server. Tell old server to connect to new server.
13. Copy over user data in home directories. Put it on a every ten minutes sync schedule to propagate changes.
14. Change domain NS records to the new IP address's

1. Compile all applications
2. Copy configuration files over
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perris said:
you continue to amaze

can't wait

btw, get ready for the backup one liners

i love new hardware :p. The fact that ElectronicPunk buys me new toys makes it even better :p

And i am ready for the backup one liners. They seem to always pop up around this time of year :p


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Lemme know when you've got everything setup so you can deposit all ad revenue directly to my personal bank account :cool:
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