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OK, so I've heard of them and I figured they were something to do with burning CDs? but just exactly what the hell are they, what is there purpose.

I burned a few CDs recently and I ended up with 2 files iso1.nri and iso2.nri but can't figure out what to do with them and what they are for??

Anyone in the know care to shed any light??
cheers EP, care to elaborate on the "images" and there uses??

BTW what part of Sheffield are you from?? Had some friends somewhere near Hallam??? From Hudds myself

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I study at Sheffield Hallam.

Study in the sloppiest broadest sense.I go to the unio nnow and then..

I live down London road opposite the club "Bed"

Basically an image acts as 1 file containing all the information contained on the CD that you created it from....

Nero will usually create one if you don'thave it on the fly.
"study", yeah right sure, been there done that, got the bank balance to prove it!!!

Not sure on the club "bed"???? Is London Road one of the main roads??? It sounds familiar

Cheers for the info still no wiser. Is there some special purpose for them?? I've seen ISO burners and all that stuff and just can't grasp what they are needed for??

Cheers mate


Iso are use a lot by the people who does warez. They take a cd, create an image (it's the asme thing that what's on the cd but in one file, like EP said) and then they spread it on the web. Then someone download it and open it with a Burn program (.nrg are nero image, iso are Easy Cd Creator image ...) and then he burn it to a cd and he have a copy from the original CD for no cost.


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basically, like these guys are saying, it an iso puts all the files in a cd onto one image, for the convenience of one file over 100's or 1000's of files. They have no use other than that.

Hope that clears it up.;)

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No !! :D An iso image is the same size as all the data on the CD.

If for instance you wanted to put a copy of your latest game, operating system or whatever on the net then you could make an image of the cd and let people download it. Typicaly a cd contains thousands of files so for convience you only have to download one file.

AHA I hear you say, why not just zip it, takes less time to download.

Not only do you get the files but also if the cd is bootable you get that info, and some games cd won't let you take all the files off for protection. An ISO gets past that problem.


as stated, the isos are exactly the same size as the files on the disk. the only time this changes is when the image is compressed, which is the process for distributing isos around the internet. the preferred compression of choice is winrar.

.... i mean, so i've heard :D

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