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ISDN, Cant browse but connected? Please Help...



Hi i am new here please be gentle ;)

I done a full clean install of XP using NTFS system. And set everything up ok. I installed the ISDN card with correct drivers and setup as instructed. Now when i click to connect either at 64k / 128k it connects and logs in ok and says connected at 128k or 64k (whichever i choose).

But... Nothing then works? All internet addys just give cant connect to server errors. Email says cant connect etc.. So all i keep getting is successful connection it seems but no data being transfered?

The PC also has a modem installed and works ok, connects and surfs the net and email fine! Just the ISDN doesnt seem to want to talk to severs? I thought "hardware" at first, but surely if its connecting and logging into ISP ok (ISP worked fine under windows 98 with same ISDN card) it cant be a card or driver fault?

Could i have not set it up right? Any tips or help please? Sadly its a friends PC i am trying to help him with, So cant try things right now. But throws some ideas at me and i can print them and go take a look.

I looked on here and Microsoft knowledge base to no successful fix yet? Any ideas anyone please

Many thanks for help in advance.

Do you get an IP? Open up the command prompt and type in IPCONFIG. See if you get a good IP (not or 169.*.*.*) and a default gateway IP on the ISDN interface.


Also try to re-run inetwiz.exe (Internet Connection Wizard) after you have connected to the ISDN line. I saw this problem with another user. They had IE and Outlook Express looking only to the dial-up modem account and not the ISDN account. When you run the inetwiz.exe make sure to select connected to LAN and then start pre-connecting the ISDN or Dial-up before using IE or Outlook.

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