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Is Your Son A Hacker?


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Originally posted by Jz1397-4
i am not sure if this has been here before, but it is so funny. i can not believe that someone accually wrote this one published it. read through it, it is worth a good laugh. I especially love the part about how AMD is a third world company that steals from american companies and uses child labor in their sweatshops. yes yes micro-enginering is done by little poor children now...
yes I believe it was posted in the forums many many months ago...


hahaha, yeah I read that.

That was quite funny!

My uncle told me about that, he said to me, "You think you are a hacker, look at this!"
linux will damage the HDD, you must send it back to the manufaturer. I know it was posted a while ago, i just laugh at it every time though.

I have a gigabyte of ram! Sweet Jesus! I asked my mom for a AMD processor, a newer one!

God! I have Quake infront of me, Quake 2! That's an advanced hacker meeting place! Oh wow wow wow wow! I have a Geforce 4400!

I need a really strong graphics card for hacking!
Oh No!! He's cracked the secret hacker symbols!!! Hackers Unite!! We need to find something besides glow sticks and pacifiers to identify each other now!!! LOL, this is the funniest thing Ive seen in a long time. Seriously though, someone should send this to ATI and the Linux consortium so maybe they will think twice about their third world ways.

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