Is Ultra memory good?


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I'm thinking of buying 1gb 512mbx2 pf ultra mem, mostly because is having a sale of them, is this good memory and can i mix it with pny memory ok.



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I need to know this by tonight as i am ordering it for xmas. Do you think Kingston mem is better?


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From what little I've used Ultra it seems very good then again most ram is generally. As for mixing you could but it might cause problems, Kingston is good to but since has a sale on Ultra give it a try as I said it seems good


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It says you have 3GB in your sig...why do you want another gig? Seems kinda point less to me


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Zeke you jumo to conclusions, i'm building another pc for my wife, but thanks for the concern lol :)

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I would buy Corsair or Crucial and forget Tigerdirect as it is a joke to me.
Crucial's site always has rock bottom prices and is one of the best memory you can buy (Crucial is Micron).

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From what I read that memory is no name brand DDR 400 PC3200.
So what is ULTRA about it?
I doubt no name brand is gonna be able to give aggressive ram timing.

Also, the price shown is after rebate which means you pay regular price up front.

Buying no name memory may be asking for trouble and as far as Tigerdirect I have read more bad things about them then good.


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Ultra DDRAM are generic branded.. i've bought 512mb like 3-4 months ago for one of my client but they work well.. Kingston, Crucial and Corsair are WAY better


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ok thanks i've looked into crucial and the prices are the same as kingstons, so i guess its a toss up between them


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I've got the corsair value select and that's not even too bad, the full shabang kicks ass (my mates pc's a prime example) He bought direct, best prices as already said.


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from what i understand, only crucial uses memory made by micron, while others get theirs from samsung...
correct me if i've missed other manufacturers that supply memory to the brands that you purchase.

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