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Hi all
A guy has asked me to Wi-Fi (his words not mine) his two computers together, but I think it's not really worth it as one of his computers is really slow.
he wants to network them so the upstairs Win98 computer can use the broadband internet connection in the downstairs WinXP computer. I suggested networking them using a crossover cable and drilling holes in his celling but he is inclined to do this. (i wonder why, he-he.)

the XP computer is downstairs and the Win98 upstairs.
computer spec below.

computer-1 is a Pentium 4 1500 running WinXP Pro, 192mb Ram which would be ok, but computer-2 is a Pentium lll 333 or 400 running Win98 SE 128mb Ram which i think might be a problem as it's so slow.
I don't think it is worth spending the money, but i may be wrong.

what do you advise, do you think it's worth it.



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It would work, but if the Win98 PC is already slow, you're gonna be even slower over Wi-Fi... it's not as fast as when it's wired for sure, but it's doable.

Might be tricky to get Windows 98 to work fine with Wi-Fi though, some manufacturers don't even make drivers for Windows 98... check that first depending on the Network card he has.
Piece of cake and the Win 98 will show no speed loss.

Easiest is to watch for a sale and get a wireless G router $20-30. Plug the broad band into that and run a cable from the router to the Win XP machine. Put either a wireless network NIC in the 98 PC upstairs or if it has USB you can get a USB plug in wireless card. Cost for the 98 machine will be about $20.

Second choice is to put a wireless G card in both PC's (about $40 total). Then use internet connection sharing and bridge the broadband coming into the XP machine over to the wireless card. This means the XP machine has to be on for the 98 machine to get internet.

Either way will allow sharing of files, broadband and printers.

There are multiple posts here with the details of doing both approaches.

PS A cable and hole through the ceiling is cheaper. Those prices are after rebates. Before rebates your looking at about $90 up front.

Best Buy has a Belkin wireless G router for $9.99 after rebate this week (great deal). Office Max has D-Link USB or PCI wireless G NIC adapter for $19.99 after rebate.