is this normal?



I've delt with my DSL (DirecTV) going on and offline for well over 6 months now. The deal with DirecTV is there's this green light (on the DSL itself) indicating you are online. While my speeds are normal at times, the green light keeps blinking and blinking keeps closing the connection! (I have a cousin whose DirecTV DSL works without this nagging situation)

I've called and called asking them to fix this somehow, but it never worked out. I've repeatedly had repairs to my phone line thinking that was the problem. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the configuration. Why else would it work half the time?

Do you think they are ripping me off or what?


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If DirecTv won't make it right, I would seriously consider another ISP. At least tell DirecTv as much and see if they jump to it.
It may be a problem with your own phone line. Do your telephone calls ever get real staticy or anything? You should also have some line filters between your phone and the outside line... make sure there aren't any [filters] between your dsl modem and the outside line.


the telephone calls are clear... it's one of those phreak things I guess. In the meantime, I'll be emailing them.
Maybe you are on the edge of the DSL capable area? Bad lines (not necessarily something you hear) in combination with this and maybe something more could really cause these errors. Have you had the DSL modem replaced? Maybe it's glitchy. Bad amplifiers or something that makes it loose connection sometimes.

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