is this mem ok?

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going to put 8gb in here - cpu-z says them mem is running at 400mhz - but that has to be wrong as im sure pc6400 (800mhz) ram is already in here - on a quadcore 6600 - p5n32-e sli - makes no odds as the mem will run at what ever speed the board can handle anyway.

Just dont want to drop £150 if its not worth it

edit: cpu-z is at fault, just checked the mem and the bios both say running at 800mhz and its pc6400 :)
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why wouldn't the pc support them ? - mem is mem - unless you mean the speed issue thing - thats sorted now, did a bit of reading 1 dimm - 2 sides 400mhz per side 800mhz total per slot - so lord was right and i looked at them mem, took some out the pc says pc6400 - 800mhz so should be fine
erm not 400mhz per side :) The chips will perform 2 operations per clock cycle.

so 400 clock cycles x 2 operations = 800 clock effective operating speed.

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seeing as i corrected myself and said that the existing mem is pc6400 800mhz - how about everyone else stop correcting me and answer the original post i made and answer yes or no to it
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Back on topic. The ram should be fine. The reason someone said it might not dates back to the early days of DDR2. ASUS and possibly other boards were finicky about the type of ram they would use. The solution recommended by ASUS was often to increase the memory voltage setting a little.

I have not heard about any RAM issues in over a year, maybe two.

PS How much is 2x400 again? ;)

PS You probably know this but - You are running a 64 BIT OS right. 32 BIT only uses 3.2 GB of RAM.


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Personally, for memory I would only go with Mushkin or Corsair. With Corsair I'm a bit disappointed in some support issues I saw more recently but I love their memory. I've never seen or heard anything bad about Muskin. Both have good warranties.

Edit: I see I'm just a tad bit too late in my post...

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well the 8gb is in and being memtest+'ed bloody things have more lights on them than my christmas tree!!!

blue in the mem slot and red and green on the top - looks like there is a mini fire in the case :)

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