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is this a hoax??

A friend of mine sent me this email...

"Hi there.
Seems that we have inherited a virus through our email and it can't be
detected by norton or mcafee anti-virus programs.

The file name is jdbgmgr.exe and sits quietly for 14 days then activates.
follow these steps to get rid of it.

got to start, then find or search, type in the name of the file listed above
when you find it delete it right away and thenexit search. also delete it
from your recycle bin. do not let this sit there as it still can execute
itself and damage your computer."

I checked and I do have this program. Its in C:\Windows\System32....does anyone know what this file does and do I really need to delete it?

XP Abuser

its a hoax i was reading something similar to that on symantecs website only the file was named cleanmgr.exe or something like it
and it was just to scare the shizz out of peeple!!!


If you get any email that tells you to delete any file out off you your windows system treat it as a hoax.There have been lots off them around for a while.:(

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