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Is there such a thing as an easy program builder?


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I have windows visual, and i want to make a simple program. But I want it to have a progress bar and some text in it. is there any easy way to do this besides typing in the code? I am not used to visual. Or is there another C++ or J program that i can use? What about an easy program builder?
you could use visual basic, Managed c++, c# or you could get borland delphi or c++ Builder.

Most programming that does something requires you to write code :)
Yes and no. I've built some extensive VB app's but it requires doing web searches to find code snippets that do what you want. Documentation sucks. You will still have to do coding for the functions you specifically want to perform.

A text window is trivial in VB. NOte any machine using it must have the windows .NETframework extensions installed.
Drag an drop a textbox window or richtextbox onto the program Form. Size as desired. Double click the box and your Program opens with a subroutine that processes the box. Write whatever you want to appear.
textboxn.text = textboxn.text & "oadugfuowhgd[iasdjfvopaidj" & variables & vbnewline
n= name of the box, vbnewline is just a carriage return command, & concatenates strings

I have never done a progress bar. I might google it if I have time. Even if a built in function does not exist it should be fairly easy to fake up one using the predefined visual objects.

You can add standard windows bars by inserting a fileopen object, etc.

VB out of visual studio is the easiest builder I've come across. VC++ can be used also but C tends to have too steep a learnign curve for coding amatuers.

1-2-3's ...
1 Open VB,
2 Create new windows application and name it.
3 In the Form window that opens drag and drop the visual objects you want onto it (like text boxes, menu bar, etc).
4 double click an object that goes to the subroutine that process for that object.
5 Fill in desire code.
6 Run (and debug).

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