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Is my Power Supply Enough for these specs


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I want to know if my power supply is adequate for my PC..local PC shop says it is, but I'm not so sure

here are my specs

Abit NF7 2.0 Motherboard/AMD Athlon XP 2500+ (1.83Ghz)
Generic Case with 300 Watt Power Supply(Enermax)
512MB of ram
Geforce FX 5600 AGP 8x 256MB
SB Audigy 2 Platinum with Audigy 2 bay
Lite on 16x dvd-rom
lite on cd-rw 52x
80gb master hard drive
60gb slave hard drive
3 1/2 floppy
pci slot fan
case fan
wireless pci adapter
gameport for soundcard
and mic port, 2 extra usb ports
and that is all

All comments will be greatly appreciated, thanks all


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Just entered everything on that I taught that drawed power from the machine..I'm not sure if the Extra usb pci card does or not, or the pci game port under soundcard or the midi port..I put the fans and all the other stuff, and came out to 299 watts.

If those other devices use power from the power supply, then I'm over 300 watts

Edit: add on 36 watts to the final number for motherboard, keyboard and mouse, cpu fan, and whatever else there and I'm definitely over 300 watts it appears


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Well I have taught about upgrading Power Supply once or twice over the years, but of course I listen to my ill g/f or one of her friends online and then change my mind..and never upgrade it, but I may someday, probably will go for 350watts or 400watts.

Another issue(didn't want to start a new thread in Windows security if I didn't have to)
--my girlfriends best friend said I had too many firewalls installed other day when I asked her online since I was having trouble getting machines recognized on my internal lan network. so I just removed zonealarm and kept Norton AV 2005 Internet Worm Projection and my Nat router on wireless connection and it seems to be working just fine. so what I really want to know is if she was wrong on that or was she right, that 3 firewalls were conflicting and causing problems.

Thanks all
You only need 1 good firewall. I'd have kept Zonealarm.

The NAT router is not enough. You need a firewall that protects incoming and outgoing. NAT just does incoming.

The Norton AV and Worm Protection may just be an antivirus and worm protection. Not a full firewall. But you need AV and Firewall so keep it too.

In short from what you posted your g/f is wrong. Though your choices of software aren't the best. Here's my put:

Keep zonealram it's good and has been less troublesome than Norton firewall.
AVG makes a good freeware antivirus. Download that and get the weekly updates for it instead of re-installing Norton.

On the power supply. A 300W enermax can handle your system. It is probably better than a 350 or even a 400w "no name" power supply.


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Well thanks for your opinions, but I actually like Norton Antivirus 2005..infact I like Norton so much, it's installed on every computer in the house. So I guess I'll go ahead and put Zonealarm in, and hope it all works well, and keep it in, I just believe what my girlfriend said or her best friend all the time. I kinda figured sorta I didn't have enough security afterwards but wasn't sure. As for the power supply since it's running good, I guess I won't worry too much about it


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I hate ZA, it's soooo annoying.
Is there a guide on the PSU and those 5V, 12V rail things? I don't understand the requirements/suggestions on them.


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Well I think I'm all set now, thanks for all your replyes on this subject, ZA is back in and working well, Norton's Worm protection is staying on as well, and hopefully I won't have any problems, and machine will work flawlessly. I have tried other Antivirus programs over the years, AVG, Mcafee, but always end up sticking with Norton for some reason.

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